Software Development
Only the hardware could not complete the smart solutions, software is also the key in making everything possible. With in-house software development engineers, we have the possibilities to make fantasy into reality.
APP UI/UX Design
Only have function lists but don't know how to make them it more user friendly? With our experienced UI/UX designer, we could help to create more value-added but less technical required APP design. No need for dictionary-like user manual for the user any more.
Cloud Build on Demand
With experiences in video streaming for wireless camera, smart home control system, voice control system and cloud server system that builds from basic, we could help you to build you own cloud server. No need to share the bandwidth and privacy with other customers. Your information is in your control.
Cloud Service
With server deployed around the world, our customer could choose to use our market tested platform without the need of building their own. Save your time and resource for the development and maintain in the long run.


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